Elitage Greentech


 A Corporation Registered under SEC, One of the best supplier of Renewable source of energy products.

Elitage GreenTech has started its manufacturing Solar Panels in Korea since 2005 and has been exporting to US, Latin America and Asian countries.


ELITAGE GREENTECH  TRADING INC., is a Trading Company principally owned by Filipino Korean, engaged in Trading, Engineering , Building and Construction, Consulting , Agriculttural, & Mining , aims to attain a better life for its customers, clients and the community.

ELITAGE GREENTECH  TRADING INC.. Aims to become an excellent leader in the industry of General Construction, Engineering Services, Renewable energy solar generation and Distribution of electricity and other allied business including LED lightning products, enlarging ,repairing, servicing ,developing or otherwise engaging in any work upon buildings ,waterworks and any kinds of contracts for import and export, purchase acquisition services by providing enhanced quality products and excellent service with our customers and clients and pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology. It was established to contribute to the development of the Philippines, using the capital and technical know-how of the Korean stockholders through the utilization of the abundant and beautiful natural and human resources of the Philippines.

 ELITAGE GREENTECH  TRADING INC., who has been involved in the Industry of Construction and Engineering for more than a decade, They possess expertise certification in the operation of varies pipe-jacking and HDD Machines. They are some of the pioneering people in water, sewer, electric pipelines and FOC underground installation Cell site development and tower works, FOC cable works in Korea. Expertise in Management Services, Consulting, Engineering and Construction. Who are known in Customer service satisfaction and providing quality products at a competitive price . Under the ‘Construction’ Division are the works on the Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) and Mechanized Trenching (MT) And Pipe-Jacking, Cell site development works, Tower works, FOC cable works..And the ‘Trading Division also the company engages in the import and export of electrical  products, and other Construction materials and supplies. Also we are engaged in the Development projects such as Biomass and Bio-ethanol, Agricultural, Hydroponic & Rice Mill, Korean Wines, Camping Cars ( Campers ) and any projects.

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