Elitage LED Traffic Light With Turn Signal



This traffic signal light is indication equipment for highway. Used in city traffic intersection,highway, bridage,tunnel inlet and outlet.  This traffic light use high quality LED  which with high brightness, pure color, low energy and long lifetime. Display content is four parts: yellow, red, green and green arrow.  System feedback is the on-ff signal of this traffic light . it is convenient for remote control, the cover frame adopt Integral injection molding PC which is high intensity, anti-hightemperature,anti-aging,dustproof, waterproof and antiflaming, all the above features can make this traffic signal light work in all weather conditions.


Item Name Detail
1 Shell material PC enginnering material Integral injection molding
2 Display dimension Φ300 mm (single light diameter)
3 LED Wavelength red tube:616nm±3nm, green tube:502nm±3nm yellow tube: 585nm±3nm
4 LED irritation angle >30°
5 Brightness Max red brightness ≥4000cd/square meter

Max green brightness ≥5000cd/square meter

Max yellow brightness ≥4000cd/square meter

6 Brightness Adjustment Environment adaptation
7 Signal feedback On-off signal,when indication light bright,the corresponding feedbackline breakover, otherwise cut off.
8 Visual distanc Daytime>500 M,Night:>300 M
9 Red/yellow/green Switching mode AC220V±20%,50HZ±10 or AC110V±20%,50HZ±10% (or according to the customers requirement
10 Installation adjust angle Vertica  l0 °-180°
11 Working voltage AC220V±20%,50HZ±10% or AC110V±20%,50HZ±10%(or at user’s option )
12 power ≤10W( double side one light )
13 Working temperature -40 ℃~+ 70℃
14 Relative humidity  ≤98%
15 MBTF 50000 hours
16 Service Life 10000 hours
17 Waterproof and Dustproof IP65
18 test Manual /communication control/feedback test (coordinate with traffic light controller)