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Elitage_Builders_final_lastElitage Builders and Developers Corp. is one of the companies registered under SEC since 2015.

Serving Customers and Clients to its best delivered methods and innovations and allowing you to work exclusively.


We would like to introduce our company ELITAGE BUILDERS AND DEVELOPERS CORPORATION (EBDC) that was just established this year 2016 of February. EBDC is a part of a group that consist of two (2) corporations and one (1) company. With a fully paid subscription of Twenty Million pesos (P20,000,000.00) that represents the full authorized capital stock, the incorporators and its officers have full potential of boosting its Marketing to the private and public sector.

A Company that believes in 100% customer satisfaction, quality products and services. We also believe in keeping customers happy and providing them products at very competent price.

We are very confident that we could offer the best product in the market and manned by very competent personnel both technical and administrative. Our Services do not end at sales but after sales.

Product: One of our products is the THERMOPLASTIC REFLECTORIZED PAINT produced and developed in KOREA. This newly developed Paint has been tested at the very well known and competent testing center in the world is the KOREA TESTING AND RESEARCH INSTITUTE. The test results are over its passing marks (as per actual certificate). KOREAN products are well known to have one of the BEST quality in the international market today.

Please feel free to reach us about any of your business related requirements. Please note that we also offer KOREAN LED LIGHTS and other alternative source of energy SOLAR PANELS. This products are offered by our sister companies under ELITAGE GROUP.We would like to offer our service to your company . Our technical personnel and sales officers will contact you for further discussions at your convenience.

We look forward to an amazing business relationship in the near future.


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