Tanaw de Rizal Now Looking Brighter

32186671_2030980840249784_6602219990789652480_nRizal, Laguna – Every Holy Week, locals and tourist would flock at the base of Tayak Hills to climb a 930 steps to Tanaw de Rizal Park. Considered as a biker’s haven of Laguna, pilgrims would do the annual tradition by walking from Rizal Elementary School  up to the peak of “Noah’s Ark” which is the center attraction of Tanaw de Rizal Park.

Once at the top a great panoramic view of San Pablo City with several lakes can be observed including “Bunot Lake” and “Sampalok Lake”. Towering behind Noah’s Ark is Mt. Cristobal and Mt. Banahaw. The wind at the top is refreshing and cool with occasional gush of strong winds.  These will remind you the beauty of nature, peace and serenity.


Rizal, Laguna is around 93km south of Manila, formerly a barangay of Nagcarlan, Laguna and was named after Jose Rizal. Mayor Antonino Aurelio has been very active in promoting Tanaw de Rizal as one of the tourist spot as well as a nature and adventure park. Thousands of tourist would visit the place during Lenten season making it a one of the most visited place in the Province of Laguna.

With the very hands-on Mayor Antonino Aurelio

Elitage was privileged to supply and install our integrated solar street light a project that was initiated by Mayor Aurelio. These units of Solar powered lightings will provide illumination to pilgrims specially to those who would be hiking late in the afternoon to observe the sunset or those who would like to extend their stay during the day. Each solar powered lamp is extended by a 4.5 Meters pole anchored to a 1 meter deep foundation to support the poles during strong winds.

To learn more about our Integrated Solar Street Light Contact us here.





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