San Fernando Switches to Elitage LED Street Lights


San Fernando, Camarines Sur has underwent street lighting modernization program. With the project initiated by Mayor Fermin Mabulo to provide better quality, and more reliable outdoor lighting to its residents and motorist.


This is where your taxes go. Replacing old low powered LED street lights with new 90 watts LED lights to make our roads safer and brighter at night. This project will benefit not just the people of San Fernando but also all the people passing through the National Highway” said Mayor Mabulo on his facebook profile.


Maharlika Highway also known as Pan-Philippine Highway a very familiar road to motorist going to Manila and Bicol Region is where the street lights are installed. With twice the luminance from the previous street lights, Mayor Mabulo got very positive feedbacks from his constituents.

Mayor Mabulo in his office

One comment said, “Snappy sir!!!Ang liwanag kaka daan ko lng.” and another commented “Thanks kasi less crime pag maliwanag sa gabi ang lugar natin.“.

At the same time, reliable bright streetlight can lead to a socio-economic boost in San Fernando. Well lit streets make people feel safe, reduce accidents and increase social and economic activity especially in the public market after sunset which is along Maharlika Highway.

Learn more about Elitage programs and donations call us

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