Energy-Efficient Street Lighting in Noveleta, Cavite


Noveleta, Cavite – The Municipality of Noveleta is seeing an impact from its recent transition to Korean made Elitage LED street lights, according to the mayor’s office.

Noveleta Mayor Dino Chua launched the LED Street Light Replacement Project to replace the municipality’s HPS (High Pressure Sodium) Street lights with new Elitage 90W LED street lights. The LEDs will cut the town’s energy bill by 70%, save taxpayers in energy costs over ten years and reduce Noveleta’s carbon footprint.

The new street lights are also extremely durable and will last up to 50,000 hours. That means less ongoing maintenance and more taxpayer savings. They’re also a lot brighter than the old HPS lights. That means improved lighting and increased public safety in the neighborhoods.

Mayor Dino Chua and Elitage President and CEO Nathan Lim

Mayor Dino Chua who is very hands on his projects has also approved the model of LED traffic light which will be installed at the crossing of Marsiella and Manila-Cavite Rd. The project has materialized after Mayor Chua accepted the proposed model by Elitage.

Elitage Group of Companies President and CEO Nathan S. Lim also disclosed that these LED traffic lights are only part of an initial donation by Elitage to the municipal as the company will also install LED billboard in front of the Municipal hall. Mr. Lim also said that this project is part of Elitage’s support to the municipal administration in order to address the traffic situation and also to improve the vehicular flow, particularly in front of the municipal hall and commercial areas at the downtown portion.

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