Elitage goes to south


NAGA CITY —  The League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP), Camarines Sur Chapter held its meeting at the classy Avenue Plaza Hotel last October 5, 2017. 33 mayors from different towns gathered for their monthly conference at the venue. San Fernando Mayor Fermin Mabulo chapter president, presided the session and discussed various provincial matters.

Avenue Plaza Hotel in Naga City

Mabulo said that the conference aims to solidify the mayors of Camarines Sur.

Elitage was also confirmed and recognised as the sponsor of the meeting and with its President and CEO Mr. Nathan S. Lim who presented its street lighting programs for the municipalities of Camarines Sur.

Majority of the Mayors are interested in availing the Elitage Street Light Christmas Promo, wherein the municipalities  can avail the street lights and implement the installation before this coming Christmas season.

LMP is a formal assembly of all the municipalities of the Philippines, mandated by law, with the principal purpose of ventilating, articulating and crystallizing issues affecting municipal government administration, and securing, through proper and legal means, solutions thereto.

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