Quality lighting for PEZA locators


Industrial companies are always looking for better ways to enhance their production during operations. That is why every locators in Cavite Economic Zone are making sure that every expenses for the manufacturing facilities would generate millions of Pesos in income. Replacing old lighting system to an industrial LED lighting is one of the easiest and most efficient way to achieve production target.

Workers will always prefer to work in a well lighted facilities that will provide them the convenience of seeing the details and color distinction in work areas and materials. Elitage Industrial LED lighting can accommodated and generate light with brighter tones and higher color temperatures, which is perfect for an industrial setting. Our industrial LED lightings is customized to include wavelengths of blue light that have been shown to improve alertness and focus. Lighting Research Center (LRC) conducted several workplace studies about the impact of short- and long-wavelength light on alertness and performance verified that improved alertness and visibility translates directly into better manufacturing quality and enhanced productivity.

Effects of LED to employees productivity

Elitage President and CEO, Nathan S. Lim inspecting installed LED lights in Daeduck Phils.

The possibility of manufacturing productivity improvements are more than just speculations or assumptions. Research shows that manufacturing facilities that have upgraded to LEDs have validated that productivity increase of 7% to 12% are possible with new industrial LED lighting systems. The elaborated analysis in those research reveals that LED lighting enables manufacturers workers to feel more alert and to react more quickly while simultaneously reducing their fatigue levels.

Improved illumination with industrial LED lighting also promote safety in a manufacturing environment. Safety enhancement lead to fewer accidents and human errors that might shut down an operation or that can lead to worker absences.

Upgrading to industrial LED lights

Upgrading LED lights on the grounds of safety, improved worker performance, and cost effectiveness. Elitage industrial LED lighting is available with ratings that meet or exceed CE, ROHS, DENR regulations, and other local guidelines for use in all types of hazardous locations in industrial and commercial facilities. Elitage have developed explosion proof  and military grade casings, with IP rating and tempered glass lenses that can withstand all forms of harsh environments. Most of these fixtures include advanced thermal control features to prevent heat increase that can weaken the fixture and cause other safety problems.

Considering all these benefits, a PEZA locator will find many options for different types of industrial LED lighting fixtures:

  • High-bay lights are ideal for warehouses and open manufacturing spaces that have high ceilings and require broad areas of consistent lighting;
  • LED Tube lights are ideal for low ceilings about 12 feet to 15 feet perfect for facilities that requires workers to focus on detailed works;
  • Linear strip lighting that is ideal for aisles, corridors, and other long stretches of space;
  • LED Flood lights for large outdoor areas and manufacturing production lines;
Elitage Operations Manager verifying proper LED installation.

Industrial LED lighting will lower energy and facilities maintenance costs. Industrial LED fixtures draw up to 80% less electrical energy than their metal halide or high pressure sodium counterparts, leading to significantly lower electric bills for the equal or better manufacturing facility illumination. latest technology of industrial LED lighting are also more durable and are better able to withstand shocks and vibrations that are common in manufacturing environments. Improvements in LED technology have created fixtures that continue to operate for between 50,000 and 100,000 burning hours without having it replaced. Reduced energy and maintenance costs combined with improvements in worker productivity will immediately compensate for any initial LED upgrade costs, and additional cost savings will go directly toward a facility’s manufacturing productivity profit.

Taken during a presentation of Elitage T8 LED tube light for a locator in Cavite Economoc Zone

For more information about our industrial LED lighting products and services, please call (02)897-7353 / (046)472-5405 to speak to our lighting specialists.



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