Elitage Takes On Nueva Ecija


With the recently held LMP (League of Municipalities of the Philippines) Chapter meeting in Llanera, Nueva Ecija last September 29, 2017, Elitage was privileged to be invited as one of the presenters during the assembly. With the endorsement of the chapter president Hon. Ferdinand Abesamis of Peñaranda, Nueva Ecija, Elitage was able to capture the interest of all the mayors to upgrade their existing streetlights to Elitage LED Streetlights.

Municipal Hall of Llanera, Nueva Ecija

With all 18 mayors in attendance who acknowledge that switching from H.P.S. (high pressure sodium) streetlights to Elitage LED streetlight is a more efficient and effective way to light up their roadways and improve security during night fall. Elitage Group of Companies President and CEO  Mr. Nathan Lim

also emphasize that around 64% of energy consumption will be saved by each municipalities from using Elitage LED Streetlights.

Elitage Group of Companies President and CEO showing the difference between LED and HPS Streetlight.


The Municipal Mayors of Nueva Ecija
LMP Chapter President, Hon. Ferdinand Abesamis of Peñaranda, Nueva Ecija

Currently Elitage has on going transactions with several of the municipalities and cities within Nueva Ecija for their street lighting programs. Soon the whole region will be lighted by Elitage bringing them closer to their goal of lighting the whole Philippines.

With Llanera, Nueva Ecija Mayor Ronnie Roy Pascual
With Bongabon, Nueva Ecija Mayor Ricardo I. Padilla
With Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija Mayor Roberto Agdipa

With the fast innovative technology of LED lightings in the market today, more LGUs are now making the smart decision of switching to LED lightings, making their town more efficient and environment friendly.


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