Elitage Dredging Equipments


Dredging is an excavation activity carried out underwater which involves removing sediments and depositing them at a different location.

We at Elitage offers our customers all dredging services necessary for land reclamation, creating new ports and improving existing ports, flood water management and cleaning of water bodies.

Our team of Korean experts are ready to investigate the site, check soil data and examine the local circumstances. As a result we are able to advise on the choice of dredger. We can also estimate the production of Elitage’s dredging tools for a specific job by feeding all of the data from the dredger and the site. This will help the contractor sharpen his estimates, making it easier to acquire the job.

Our Dredging Equipments:

Suction Cutter Dredger

EBDC Cutter Suction
3D Illustration



Suction Hopper Dredger

Suction Hopper Dredger
3D Illustration


Barges and Vessels


Whether you have a large scale marine project to tackle or have the requirements for maintenance dredging to keep a navigation channel open, we have the experienced operators and equipment to meet your demands. Our specialized custom dredgers and barges allow us to reach minor and major dredging projects that many other marine services providers can’t.

for dredging requirements contact us here.



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