Energy Efficiency in Tuy, Batangas


The Municipality of Tuy, Batangas is always looking for ways to reduce energy consumption and provide quality lighting to its roadways.

Mayor Jose Jecerell Cerrado of Tuy, Batangas has approved a project for the installation of streetlights at the town proper approach. Based on their municipal engineer’s assessment of the available lighting technology in the market, LED (light emitting diode) streetlights was identified as the best fit option for Tuy’s  roads.

60W LEDElitage Enterprise has initiated the supply and installation with energy saving streetlights manufactured in its own facility in Korea. This project cuts Tuy’s energy use by more than 60%, saves taxes and reduce carbon footprint.

At the same time, reliable bright streetlight can lead to a socio-economic boost in Tuy. Well lit streets make people feel safe, reduce accidents and increase social and economic activity especially in the public market after sunset.

Given these benefits, switching from old lighting system to LED streetlights is a great advantage to all municipalities and cities in the Philippines, but high upfront cost can be a deterrent to some LGUs. Having the budget for the project and having it approved  may take time.

Elitage Enterprise has designed a program that enables municipalities and cities to upgrade to LED without having the budget check program here. 



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