Elitage presents S.L.E.S.P. to League of Municipalities of Philippines


Elitage on Monday was given an opportunity to present its Street light Energy Saving Program (SLESP) to the League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP) during its 2nd Executive Committee Meeting at Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas. Headed by Hon. Maria Fe Brondial of Socoro, Oriental Mindoro.


Elitage President and CEO Nate Lim during presentation


With 25 national executive officers in attendance, all Mayors from different municipalities. Our president and C.E.O. Nathan Lim delivered the presentation exceptionally interesting for the Mayors. With the goal of reducing the actual energy consumption of LGU up to 64% from its streetlights and having to upgrade all existing HPS street lights to LED without the prior budget. Majority of the officers showed their interest by sending their inquiries after the delivery of presentation. With some officers asking for an urgent visit to their municipalities for survey and approval.

Budget Addressed

Financing an LED street lighting replacement program can present a hurdle for many municipalities, even if the planned transition offers very favorable economic savings. Replacing the existing system requires a significant budget for the LGU, not to mention the time they would have to wait just for the budget to be approved. Elitage has made it possible for the LGUs to upgrade without the approved budget.

At the same time, LED street lighting is increasingly becoming recognized as an investment for the LGUs that can pay big dividends in the form of energy and maintenance savings once implemented.

Elitage was aslo able to address some concerns on the quality of LED streetlights, public safety and security and compliance to environmental law especially Republic Act 6969 or The Toxic Substance Nuclear Waste Control Act, on the subject of using lighting products that contains mercury, arsenic and other compounds that are toxic to human and aquatic life even at low concentration. LED does not contain any of these compounds that is why it is considered to be environmentally safe.

Overall, the LPM officers were very optimistic about the SLESP with some regions who are now scheduled for visit of our team. Elitage is looking forward to a brighter future for the country.

To learn more about our SLESP please contact us for more information.

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