Implementing S.L.E.S.P. in Bacoor, Cavite


Elitage Greentech Inc. (EGTI) has launched its SLESP (Street Light Energy Saving Program) in Bacoor, Cavite.

The company will be replacing more than 600 units of HPS (High Pressure Sodium) bulbs with Elitage 90W L.E.D. Street lights which is 100% made in Korea. The initiative being implemented by the company will help the municipality to save 64% of its electrical consumption per year thus reducing the electricity bill at the same time.

With the company’s commitment to the community in providing  the nation  with safe, reliable, affordable services, Elitage executives has already proposed SLESP to the whole province of Cavite.

Visual comparison between HPS and LED

Improving cost efficiency and reducing carbon footprint

LED fixtures use less energy than HPS bulbs and with lens that can direct light where it is needed. Together with the city of Bacoor, they plan to save nearly 100,000W per month with the Street Light Energy Saving Program. Replacing HPS bulbs with LED fixtures of lower wattage but higher lumens can help reduce monthly energy costs significantly. Also, using less energy per light reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps the city reach their long-term energy goals.

Left streetlight is a 250W HPS, Right Streetlight is a 90W Elitage LED

With the latest Korean technology, LED maintains most of its light output up to five times longer than HPS bulbs. The new LED lights should last up to 3 years without replacement since the company offers a full service warranty that covers 3 years.

LEDs provide more natural-looking, evenly distributed light and less glare. This improved lighting can help both drivers and pedestrians.

Installing the new LED streetlights takes about 15 minutes per fixture. There will be no disruption to electric service in your neighborhood.

The team from Elitage Greentech Inc. are really excited about their Street Light Energy Saving Program, it’s one more way that together we are building a better nation.

If you have questions about the SLESP (Street Light Energy Saving Program), send an e-mail to

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